Friday, April 30, 2010


New Blog Feature

I have added a new feature where I list all of my favorite stories that I've read to my little Ady Wren. You can see it on the sidebar. Support this blog by purchasing directly from the link!

I read to my little one daily and she just loves it. She's now 6-months old and is really starting to pay attention to books. She used to be content just to listen to me read, but now she needs to see what's going on too!

Many of my favorite books blend fabulous illustrations along with a very good story. There need to be several components that mix to make it onto my list. I'm sure as Ady gets older the list will tailor to her likes a little more.

Here she is at 6-months:

I hope everyone has had a wonderful April. May is my birthday month and my first mothers day as a mama. I have a feeling it will be a very very good month. :)

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