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1/23/12 - The Write Start

1/23/12 - The Write Start by {elke}
1/23/12 - The Write Start, a photo by {elke} on Flickr.

I'm reading this great book called The Write Start: A Guide To Nurturing Writing At Every Stage, From Scribbling To Forming Letters And Writing Stories by Jennifer Hallissy.

There are some neat tips in it about how to set up writing stations. I did a really simple station in her room with a clipboard and an assortment of crayons and pencils. There is a white board above the desk (well, it's actually a frosted glass board, same diff) and I wrote out her first name with tips on which parts come first, second, and third. The book has a beautifully illustrated alphabet chart. The thought is that if a child learns how to write efficiently from the get-go then they can write quicker and spend more time listening and less time focusing on how to write each letter. I know my two year old is not anywhere near to writing her own name, she hasn't even started drawing representational objects, but my little scribbler will have all the tools necessary to support her along the way.
I highly recommend this book!

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