Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Ady put the diaper on the baby all by herself for the first time this evening. I made these little handmade diapers (click here to see the pattern and tutorial) for her for Christmas and they are super cute and fun! Just after I took this shot she forced baby dolls eye's closed so she could go night-night. Not so gentle. Poor doll. I wonder when doll will get a real name?
Next we enjoyed some stories. Tonight's story was "Let's go visiting" which is a simple, fun to read, and sweet little book. After I was done reading, Ady had to read the book.
This was dinner. Spaghetti. Usually we have to strip her down for spaghetti, but tonight she was really well behaved, and of course a ball of sass too. Little girls are awesome. :)

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