Saturday, March 3, 2012


3/3/12 - Goodwill finds

3/3/12 - Goodwill finds by {elke}
3/3/12 - Goodwill finds, a photo by {elke} on Flickr.

I am overjoyed by the beautiful fabrics and super cute basket I found at Goodwill today. The 60s looking fabric is really a really awesome jumpsuit that I would never wear and looks like something one of the Austin Powers girls would've worn, but that fabric caught my eye and I was in love. The other two fabrics are sheets that I think will make super cute bags or even a little fitted sheet for Ady's bed. So many uses for these I just couldn't say no. I love finding little treasures like these. My main problem, though, is I buy these treasures but don't ever use them. I've already got a plan for some of the 60s fabric to use on one of my guest books I've got in the works for a bride in Ireland. I should make it a habit to use up some fabric before buying new stuff (I've got two huge bookshelves full of fabric) and I always have a ton of ideas for different projects I just never get around to them. Maybe I'm going to sew something this weekend. That would be fun!


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