Saturday, March 16, 2013


Random Pinterest

I find myself all too often pinning away in Pinterest, getting deeper and deeper into planned project overload. I rarely actually do anything with my pins. 

So, to inspire myself to get out of my rut, I have decided to develop a method to tackle some of my go-to boards, the ones I pin on to the most frequently. These boards are: 

Sewing Clothes 

The process I have started involves first going into the board and noting how many pins are in there.  I have a random number generator app that lets me put in the maximum number (i.e. the total number of pins in the board) and then it pops out a random number within that range.  I find the corresponding pin and that gets re-pinned in my Random Pinterest board and put on my to-do list.

I repeat this process for each of the five boards.


Now I can FOCUS on something!!!!  This helps me out a BUNCH because I end up spending WAY too much time searching a board for what to do when I have a free moment, or want to do something fun with my kiddo, when the crafting bug bites, or when I just want to cook something yummy.  Now, I have a plan.

I have started this over the last few weeks and while the progress is slow (come on, who has copious amounts of free time anyway?) there is progress!

I will post some of the ones I have done so far with pictures of the results.

This is a really fun way to knock some things off your endless Pinterest to-do list!

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