Sunday, April 21, 2013


Kids Clothes Week Spring 2013: Getting Ready

I am so excited to start Kids Clothes Week tomorrow!  I created a little spreadsheet with ideas, links to pictures or instructions, which fabrics will be used, who the item is for and what size to make it in, any notions being used.


My basic checklist for each item on the day I work on it is:

#1 Photograph the fabric and notions
#2 Cut pattern and fabric
#3 Sew it!
#4 Photograph the item (still life)
#5 Photograph the item in action
#6 Write and post blog post
#7 Post on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter

I have a Kids Clothes Week Pinterest board set up HERE.

Super duper excited!  There are apparently well over 500 other people playing along for this challenge.  This will be my first time and I'm hoping my husband is truly going to be OK with taking care of things during my distraction...

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