Tuesday, April 23, 2013


KCW Day 2: Upcycled T-shirt Dress

Today's dress was inspired by this tutorial.  I just fell in love with the fun design and wanted to try my hand at stamping on fabric.

I started with a comfy Old Navy shirt of which the top fit my 3.5 year old pretty well.

 Then I assembled some comfy jersey fabric recently purchased from Girl Charlee (love that shop!)
 I found a sweet acrylic stamp of a hedgehog and stamped them on a white knit with some soft black fabric paint applied with a foam brush.
 I cut my fabric to size and sewed it all together.  The sewing was a challenge for me because these knit fabrics are so fine they kept getting sucked into the feed dog, even with a walking foot.  I used a double layer of tissue paper underneath to add the structural support needed to allow these knits to feed properly.
 All done!  I'll take some action shots of my little one in it soon.  Right now she's sleeping.  :)
 Sweet!  Another project done!

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