Sunday, March 31, 2013


Sewing - Mushroom Pillow

Here is another random Pinterest creation.  I saw this picture of an adorable mushroom available to purchase on le Train Fantome's shop on Big Cartel:

OMG, that is CUTE!!!!

So I decided to try and make my own version of this.

I wanted it to be BIG, though, so I could snuggle with it.  I have always had an extreme fondness for mushrooms and find their shapes and colors to be so pleasing to the eye.

To start with, I drew the shape on a big piece of paper.  I cut out the mushroom top from the stem so I had two pieces.  I also cut out another oval-shaped piece for the bottom so that it could be able to stand up better and make the stem more tubular.  I went through my fabric stash and found this fabulous yellow dot fabric I got at Ikea years ago and the stem was this white honeycomb knit fabric I got from who knows where.

I cut out the pieces and pinned the stem under the mushroom top and sewed across on the top/pattern side of the fabric.  I thought the fraying of the fabric at the edge would add another dimension to the design.  I did this for the front and back being careful to match up the back side with the front before sewing that.

Then I just put the right sides together and sewed around the sides and the top, leaving a four-inch or so section open on one of the sides for stuffing later, and NOT sewing the bottom closed. I pinned the oval shaped piece to the bottom, still with the right sides together, and sewed it closed all the way around.

Now it was time to turn it right side out and stuff stuff stuff.  My little girlie helped with this part.  Once it was nice and stuffed (not too full) I turned the edges in on the hole and just ran that through my machine.  Normal people would hand sew it shut, but I'm just not patient enough for that.  :)

The final dimensions on this are about 25-inches tall by 17-inches wide.  Sweet!  It's perfect for a good snuggle.

Here are a million pictures.  I think it'll end up being a pretty cool prop for impromptu photo shoots, and looks really cool on just about anything you put it on.

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